nel Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche

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Culture and traditions

The production of dairy goods in the Park area is flourishing, carried out according to traditional methods: formagella cheese, Branzi (produced in summer in the “malga” pasture areas), Taleggio (originating from the homonymous valley) and the Formai de Mut (prepared in summertime in mountain cabins and aged in the valley), these last two bearing the Protected Designation of Origin label.

Another exquisite cheese is Strachitunt, while the renowned Bitto is produced in some places in the Park.
The quality of these products is due to the excellent milk produced and processing in the malga pasture areas, according to the most typical rural tradition, in areas that are not always easily accessed.

The activities of haymaking and mountain pasturing are absolutely fundamental for the preservation of those open grassy settings that contain most of the biodiversity of the Orobic Alps, in a significant collaboration between naturalness and human labour. Honey, mushrooms, cured meats and potatoes complete the panorama of the Park’s traditional products.

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