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Impact assessment

Impact assessment is the preventive procedure to which any plan or project that may significantly affect the intactness and conservation of the habitats and species of a site or proposed site of the Natura 2000 network must be subjected.
Impact assessment applies both to the interventions that fall within the Natura 2000 areas (SCIs, SPAs and sites proposed to become one), as well as to those that even if developed externally, might have repercussions on the state of conservation of natural values protected on the site.
On a national level, impact assessment is governed by art. 6 of the P.D. of 12 March 2003, no. 120, while at the regional level it was regulated by the Regional Council Resolution of 8 August 2003, no. VII / 14106 and subsequent amendments and additions.
For the purposes of impact assessment, proponents of plans and interventions not solely aimed at the conservation of species and habitats of a Natura 2000 site present an impact analysis aimed at identifying and assessing the main effects that the plan or the intervention might have on the relative site. For limited interventions, there is the possibility of being excluded from the impact assessment procedure or the application of simplified procedures, which do not require the drafting of a specific impact analysis.

Methodological outline for preparing an impact analysis according to the ordinary procedure

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Exclusion from the impact assessment procedure
Simplified procedure for impact assessment

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