nel Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche


Owing to the remarkable variety of environments and plant landscapes, superimposed on an area that has undergone the vicissitudes of glaciation, with the consequent isolation of populations and formation of new species, the Orobie bergamasche Park territory has a particularly rich floristic heritage both for the number and rarity of some of the species.
There are about a dozen floristic species in the Park present on the Italian Red List; six of these species are exclusively endemic to the Orobic Alps, unobservable in other parts of the world, and among them is the Linaria tonzigii, seen rarely in places in the Arera and Presolana areas.

In total, there are approximately fifty species that can be observed in the Park and which are attributable in various ways to the category of endemic species.
Other plants of notable interest are the Saxifraga presolanensis, exclusive endemic specimen of the Bergamasque Prealps; Primula glaucescens, significantly known as the “Lombardy primrose”, found indicatively from Monte Barro to the eastern end of the Lombard Prealps; Physoplexis comosa, an alpine endemic specimen distributed from Carinzia to Corni di Canzo, Galium montis-arerae, another endemic specimen exclusive to the Bergamasque Prealps, and also Sanguisorba dodecandra, Campanula raineri, Allium insubricum, Silene elisabethae, Primula albenensis, Asplenium presolanense, and Moehringia concarenae.

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